fusing nature writing, design thinking and hacker culture. where regional psychogeography meets cyberpastoralism. est. 2017


When you watch a bee as it dances around a tumble of lavender and you trace the machine learning within its movements. When you time the frequency with which the paperbark trees glitch in and out of the pastoral landscape. When you stare up at the clouds and see the streaming data form into shapes above that bring on an ambient computer sun-shower. The low-polygon landscapes that you go on nature walks through, feeling the geometric warmth of the pixelated sun. The cryptocurrencies being harvested between the microprocessors and the wind turbines. The Sebaldian lines of code that populate the dusty laneways. An alligator clip and a sundress to compress. 

These are the conversations that .birches is engaged in. 

Artwork 'Pannonian Idyll' by  Živko Kondić

Artwork 'Pannonian Idyll' by Živko Kondić